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We make clothes, not fashion. With the working woman in mind, our aim is to create the best possible product that will be yours for years. We offer a large business and casual ready-to-wear collection plus the first made-to-measure program purely made for women. Our garments are feminine, refined and timeless. It’s a new era for womenswear. 

After a decade of flawlessly dressing men, we have gladly taken on the new challenge. Our collection is created at our HQ in Zurich, just a few steps from Paradeplatz, with the objective to create beautiful clothes that are comfortable to wear and will stand the test of time. We obsess over every details and try to do as much in-house and as local as possible, from designing the furniture and interior of our store, to the CI and packaging design. Even the fonts used for our logo as well as the coffee and Yuzu lemonade that is served at our shop have been produced locally.  

Creating clothes is like mixing the perfect cocktail. The better the ingredients, the greater the final product. We spend a fair amount of time finding the best manufacturers and sourcing the best raw materials. All of our products are manufactured in Europe. We work with specialized companies, mostly family-run businesses in Italy and Portugal. We work with Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry and Vitale Barberis Canonica, just to name a few.